Andreas Larsson

Project manager/producer. Keeps everybody happy by pointing us in the right direction.

Douglas Holmquist

Musician and sound designer with a quadruple dozen of keyboards and synthesizers. Creates amazing sound scapes and musical scores for our productions.
Follow Douglas on Holmquist Tonalitet and Sound Of OO.

Kristofer Ström

Director, illustrator, animator, musician, graphic designer and clay sculptist. Attacks all creative tasks from a quirky point of view with splendid results. Is an internet phenomenon through his legendary video Hitchhikers choice from the band Minilogue.
Kristofer is represented by Hobby Animation in Sweden.

Follow Kristofer on Ljudbilden his daily iPhone drawings, instagram or Twitter.

Martin Ottosson

Art director, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, visual effects artist, on-and-off director and freelance writer with too many personal projects going on for his own good. Skateboarder since 1986 and strongly involved in the swedish skateboarding scene. Co-founder of Post Details.
Follow Martin on Post DetailsDefektTwitter and Instagram.