Xilent – Boss Wave

In 2013 we were approached by Colonal Blimp to produce a music video for dubstep artist Xilent and their track “Boss Wave”, released on Audioporn Records the same year. The brief was short, but sweet: Can we make a video game themed music video?

We’re not going to keep it a secret that we’re all into video games, and the brief couldn’t have fit us better. But we wanted to give it a twist. During the initial process we discussed the opportunities of taking the video game characters into the real world and make something funny yet visual stunning from it.

When presented to Xilent, they absolutely loved it! From there on, it was game on!

The video was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick on release and was later also rewarded “Best Music Video” on the BMA Music Awards in 2013.

Director/Animaton/illustration/VFX: Kristofer Ström
Director/Animaton/3D/VFX: Erik Buchholtz
Director/Animaton/3D/VFX: Mikael Pettersén
Camera: Nils Byrfors
Game-music: Douglas Holmquist
Additional comp: Martin Ottosson, Filippa Edghill
Producer: Tamsin Glasson – Colonel Blimp
Producer: Bart Yates – Blinkink
Label: Audioporn records
Artist: Xilent
Track: Boss Wave
Main Actor: Tobias Pettersson

Maria, Mila, Camilla, David, Isis, Irina, Tage, Arthur, Tossa, Kristine, Ola, Ivor, Emma, Saorla, Lulach, Freja, Hilding