Varelsen is a creative production house in Malmö, Sweden specializing in animation, motion graphics, film, music production and sound design. The core of Varelsen consist of four people, with a vast network of creative people in times of need.

Since the inception in 2008, we produced numerous projects for clients such as Malmö Stad, Göteborgs Stad, Hemmakväll, VA Syd, Malmö University, Tre, Telia, So Bleeped, RCA Records, Audioporn records, Space Hardware, MTA Records, Mediocre Games, Unibet, Casumo, The Carphone Warehouse, Ikano Bank, Campbell Soup Company, Levande Historia, Puma, Radiotjänst, Unilever, Länsförsäkringar, The Conference, Gainomax, Happy Green, Game Habitat, Zonnic and Alga, to name a few.

Over the years, we’ve also collaborated with great agencies all over the world, for instance Sir Lancelot, The Fanclub, Folket STHLM, Rethink, Garbergs, South, Coure, OTW, Few, Sitrus, CHI & Partners, Shaeffer Wunsch Has, Hello Group, Ottoboni, ingostockholm, Geelmuyden Kiese, Scandinavian Retail Center and Top Dollar.

For an audiovisual reference on our expertise, head on over to the portfolio.

With a collective experience exceeding one billion years, we’re pretty convinced we could help you and your organization reach unlimited heights.

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Andreas Larsson

Andreas Larsson

Project Manager

Project manager and producer. Head of administrative operations and a solid foundation when the chaos gets out of hand. Keeps everybody happy by pointing us in the right direction.

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Douglas Holmquist

Douglas Holmquist

Sound Designer

Musician and sound designer with a relatively healthy relationship to vintage synths. Creates amazing sound scapes and musical scores for our productions. Occasionaly also dabbles in writing music for video games.

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Kristofer Ström

Kristofer Ström

Visual Creative

Director, animator, musician and graphic designer. Attacks all creative tasks from a quirky point of view. Internet phenomenon through his legendary video Hitchhikers choice from the band Minilogue.
Rep: The Chapel Films

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