Post Details – Invisible Decades

In 2014 Post Details released their headwear and apparel collection “Decades”. With a strong focus on the headwear part as well as the skateboarding heritage, the idea on the invisible skateboarder was born.

For the project, we took in world renowned Irish film maker Phil Evans. As the director himself were to play the part of the invisible person, we needed someone with vast knowledge in the aesthetics of filming skateboarding. Phil, with a long time experience behind the lens producing skateboarding videos was nothing but a given choice.

The collection launched with the film above as well as the three shorter social media videos below, paying homage to the three different decades Post Details featured in their campaign.

Concept: Martin Ottosson and Danijel Stankovic
Director: Martin Ottosson
Camera: Phil Evans
Compositor and motions graphics: Martin Ottosson ››