The Carphone Warehouse

Together with brittish agency CHI & Partners and brittish production company Blink INK we’ve helped The Carphone Warehouse to rebrand themselves. Our part in the process was designing character illustrations for print and web, animations for the ever so popular X-Factor web campaign and create a number of commercial spots, all drawn and animated on whiteboard. All in all, we produced over 50 TVC’s, ranging from 5 seconds to 60 seconds, over the course of a year.

The 40 second long “There was a time” aired in the UK in august 2008.

“There was a time”, the second full length TVC produced by Varelsen, can be viewed below.

Director and character design: Kristofer Ström
Producers Sweden: Nicholas Wakeham, Björn Wahlström
Producer UK: Bart Yates
Compositing: Stefan Narancic, Calle Gisselsson
Animation: Nathalie Thuresson, Jens Klevje, Ida Thor, Kristina Ström, Karin Holmström, Joar Jakobsson, Erik Buchholtz, Anders Worm, Anders Brogaard
Agency: CHI & Partners